ISESD2021-Parallel Sessions

Parallel Sessions Schedule

There will be 4 parallel sessions in two days of the conference.

TimeSessionParallel RoomCode
Day 110.30 – 12.10Session 1Parallel Room 1D1-S1P1
Parallel Room 2D1-S1P2
Parallel Room 3D1-S1P3
13.00 – 14.40Session 2Parallel Room 1D1-S2P1
Parallel Room 2D1-S2P2
Parallel Room 3D1-S2P3
Day 210.30 – 12.10Session 1Parallel Room 1D2-S1P1
Parallel Room 2D2-S1P2
Parallel Room 3D2-S1P3
13.00 – 14.40Session 2Parallel Room 1D2-S2P1
Parallel Room 2D2-S2P2
Parallel Room 3D2-S2P2

Authors and presenters can download the schedule using link below:

Please check your presentation schedule(s) and corresponding parallel room.