Basuki Rachmatul Alam

PUI Mikroelektronika ITB

Basuki Rachmatul Alam, received a 5 year-engineering degree, Insinyur (Ir), in Electrical Engineering from Institute Technology of Bandung (ITB), Indonesia in 1983. He joined Electrical Engineering Department of Institute Technology of Bandung in 1984. During 1985 to 1987, he was involved in conception of Inter University Center of Microelectronics, especially on Device and IC Processing Laboratory of the center. He received MSc degree in 1989 in Electrical Engineering from Lehigh University, Pennsylvania, USA. He received PhD from the same university in 1993, with thesis on design and characterization of InGaAsP Double Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor (DHBT).

During his Doctoral program with Compound Semiconductor Technology Group, he was also setting up a III-V Device & IC processing facility and did completion T/R Switch MMIC based on III-V HFET and InGaAs PHEMT on GaAs wafer substrate delivered to industry patner. The MMIC work was funded by Pennsylvania Ben Franklin Eastern Tier – industrial partnership. After PhD completion, he spent two years as a Visiting Scientist in Flat-panel Display Research Laboratory at Sherman Fairchild Microelectronic Center setting up processing technology for TFT large area flat panel display. After returning to IUC Microelectronics in 1996, he assumed position as Head of Device & IC Technology Laboratory of IU Microelectronics.

From 2000 to 2002, he was head of Electronic and Component Laboratory of Electrical Engineering Department of Institute Technology Bandung. In Electrical Engineering Department, now School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, of ITB, he is teaching some undergraduate dan graduate courses on Solid State and Electronics Physics, Device Physics, RF Microelectronic and RF IC Technology. In 2012, he did the inception and co-founded Teaching Factory of Manufacturing of Electronics (TFME) in State Polytechnics of Batam, a back-end manufacturing center of microelectronic device and IC integrated with board integration (PCB and SMT) manufacturing lines. Besides manufacturing facility, he is completing TFME with RF IC, RF component testing and 4G smartphone compliance test setup. Since October 2016, he is Chair of IEEE Electron Device Indonesia Chapter. In research and publication, he authored and co-authored some publications on RF and Microwave Device and IC in international and regional conference proceedings. He has also worked on few industrial prototypes of RF IC and component as well as power electronic and renewable energy electronics.